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Those who love to read for pleasure are among the most special people on the planet. So special that they deserve to be celebrated.

The Scent...

A vintage, dark leather-bound novel mixed with an aged paper character from notes of cashmere and clove. Hints of exotic patchouli, charcoal, and vanilla finish off the unique and memorable fragrance.

An elegant bookish candle that allows you to immerse yourself in your favorite
fictional worlds.

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Made with ♥ (Love)

♥ Natural Soy Wax
♥ 100% Cotton Wick
♥ Heat-Resistant Jar
♥ Strongly-Scented
♥ Lasts for 72 Hours

Pure Natural Essential Oils

"I love grabbing a good book and cozying up with a blanket and my Sense Fiction candle lit."

Emily Christensen @honestbookgirl

"Its scent reminds me of my favorite book store in New Orleans!"

Monica Gray

Meet the Founder: Keerthan

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